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Three year sentence for attack on female officer

Mon, 23 February 2015

Body worn video footage helped capture the "unbelievable" attack on the sergeant.

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Anonymous Anonymous Wed, 25 February 2015

This offender only got 3 years for his attack on this female police officer. Total Bloody disgrace ! This video should be compulsory viewing by all our self serving MP's & members of the House of Lords. Let them all do one weeks compulsory police service before ever being appointed as being fit to serve the people of the UK & Wales that it pretends to represent.

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Anonymous Anonymous Wed, 04 March 2015

We dedicate our lives, all he got was 3 years.
Some justice.

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Anonymous Anonymous Thu, 26 March 2015

I'm outraged a measly 3rd for a savage unprovoked attack on a police officer just doing her job. The judge should hang their head in shame. I physically jumped when he hit her it was so unexpected, that poor woman didn't stand a chance. Maybe if there hadn't been 16k+ officers lost in the ridiculous cutbacks she wouldn't have been single crewed & most probably not assaulted. How does Theresa May sleep at night?!

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