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Met CCTV footage of Plebgate incident

Mon, 1 September 2014

As part of Operation Alice, the Metropolitan Police has released CCTV footage that shows the then-Conservative MP, Andrew Mitchell taking his bike through the side gate of Downing Street, where the alleged "Plebgate" incident took place.

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Robert Robert Fri, 05 September 2014

So 4 people walked by. Channel 4 Dispatches, any comments?

The report also shows how Mitchell changed his story too. Any comments Mr Mitchell ?

Take away the idiots who got involved when they shouldn't have and paid the price btw, the only consistency shown is PC Rowland.

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Springbok223 Springbok223 Sun, 07 September 2014

Mitchell was the cause of this problem right from the start, he was too pompous and high and mighty to go through the side gate, and he used the F Word. A man who lacks integrity and supported by that Davis creature, who is trying to stick the knife in to the police, but fails to criticise Mitchell for using the F Word, appears Davis condones swearing.

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miniworks1 miniworks1 Tue, 23 September 2014

@Jonathan Yes so why do police officers lie. In Lincolnshire they lie to protect their own jobs. Furthermore police NEVER admit to doing anything wrong whatever the circumstances!!

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Anonymous Anonymous Tue, 07 October 2014

The way things are going the Met will soon be replaced by a private security firm at number 10 - then something will happen that will wake up politicians to recognise the value in having the British police and what dedication they have in their duty which involves protecting those who think they are above us all - politicians i s&5te them

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Jonathan Jonathan Fri, 19 September 2014

Mitchell keeps telling us what he didn't say, but has refrained from telling us what he DID say. He was an idiot but so were the other officers who ramped the situation up, lied (why?) and made a mountain out of nothing.

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Plods Dad Plods Dad Thu, 02 October 2014

@Anonymous Jesus, you are just too ignorant to warrant any comment! Full of it.

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XRAT XRAT Wed, 15 October 2014

We didn't hear anything in the press about Mr. Mitchell paying out damages to a police officer.., I wonder why that is?
Well if the press didn't report on it, then it can't have happened, can it?

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Anonymous Anonymous Thu, 06 November 2014

The tone of these comments says it all. The Police need to understand that the form of partisanship that the comments below comprise are the precise reason why public trust has dropped like a stone. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation it is clear that a worrying number of the Police appear have a political agenda. This is unacceptable in a free society.

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Anonymous Anonymous Thu, 06 November 2014

...and Plod's Dad - with that level of contribution, I sincerely hope you are not actually (and never have been) in the Police.

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Anonymous Anonymous Sat, 29 November 2014


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