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Moped phone snatcher tries to evade capture

Mon, 20 March 2017

The 21 year-old from north London crashed his moped and was thrown on to the motorway before getting up and starting it again.

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extraordinaire extraordinaire Sat, 01 April 2017

What a stupid idiot, should be jailed.

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Slither Slither Thu, 29 June 2017

The policy of not chasing these idiots needs to stop immediatly, they have got the idea they can get away with anything, in all fairness due to the inadequacy of the justice system they are probably right. The public deserves better than this, all pursuits need to be allowed to continue till their natural conclusion ie an arrest, if the clown being pursued decides to take their helmet off and kills themselves as a result, tough luck! far better than injure an innocent party. This menace needs sorting out urgently!

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