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Some leave the police service to retire in the traditional sense. Others seek full, part time or contract employment. Being relatively young, even at full retiring age, further employment and even in effect a second career, are perfectly feasible for ex-police employees.

Whatever employment environment we wish to move into when we leave the service, there are several main ways of securing employment:

The 'Old Boys' Network.

Police employees form strong bonds and high levels of trust between each other and it is quite natural that this might lead to job offers from those who have left before you. However, if this is likely to be your favoured route, it is worth considering skills and experience in the last few years of work. Are the skills you possess the right ones for that environment? Might additional training or specific postings assist with your c.v.? Networking is essential if you expect to utilise past friends and colleagues. Do not underestimate the length of time securing a job might take - catch up with people well in advance of your leaving date.

Recruitment Companies.

There are numerous agencies which can be approached for job opportunities. Some are general and some specialise either in specific market sectors such as Security etc. If you have an idea of the market sector into which you would like to move when you leave, it may well be worthwhile speaking to a recruitment consultancy in that area to see how you would fair against other applicants. They may be able to give you advice around c.v. presentation, formalising skills and qualifications or specific steps that you could take in the time before you leave to increase the chances of gaining employment. Again, considering this with enough time to implement suggestions is all important.

The Internet and Hard Copy Press.

In addition to the traditional local, industry and national press, the Internet is a good source of job vacancies. Again sites range from the most general to extremely industry specific. The 'Jobs Oracle' network is the largest linked network of specialist Internet jobs sites for those with police, military or security backgrounds.

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