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Preparing for Police Retirement

Police Officers in general retire earlier than many other groups in the UK, so it is important to think about preparing for police retirement. Some choose to retire from working entirely whilst others want to work again. Some will have done their full 30 years, while others may be looking for a career change having gained valuable and transferable skills from their time in the police service.

All forces provide some form of pre-retirement course whether conducted 'in house' or outsourced to commercial organisations. These courses are generally available 1 - 2 years prior to the date of retirement and sometimes have spaces for partners. The courses are sometimes modular with the ability to undertake modules at different times. This allows for issues such as finance to be considered long before, for example, seeking external employment.

The courses by their very nature are designed to help you plan and prepare for that future outside of 'the Job'. Financial Advisors are often present during part of the course, giving advice on where or how to invest any commutation for your own personal needs in the future.

You, as part of the course, will generally be advised on cv preparation and job applications if you are going to continue to work. When you get to the stage of looking for a job (full, part time or contract), you can use the external job opportunities area of this site. This area is part of the largest specialist jobs network in the UK.

Five years prior to your retirement date would be about the right time to review what you are working towards and what you can begin to put in place to facilitate this. The 'run-in' time will depend upon your needs. For example, if you feel formal qualifications might be worth obtaining, or that specific postings would be advantageous prior to police retirement, this needs more time than if you are going to 'fully' retire in the true sense of the word. If issues are not considered well in advance, the opportunity might be missed.

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