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Police Product Insight

Frequently Asked Questions

How many issues of Police Product Insight are published per year?

The magazine is published bi-monthly with 6 issues per year consisting of February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November and December/January issues.

What are the subscription options?

Police Product Insight magazine is available globally as a paid print subscription (includes free digital edition) or a free digital edition only subscription in PDF format.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe at a micro-site on the Police Oracle website. Just click the 'Subscribe' block at the top of the page. The subscription process requires you to log in to a free Police Oracle user account or register for a new account.

Why do I need to have a free Police Oracle website user account to subscribe to Police Product Insight?

The Police Product Insight subscription is attached to a Police Oracle user account so that you are able to log in and change your subscription details at anytime. You can log in and change your address details for receiving the magazine if you move. It also allows you to log in and download the free Police Product Insight digital edition. The free user log in will also give the benefit of accessing Police Oracle forums and content.

I am unable to create an account with my email address – what is the problem?

It is possible that you already have a Police Oracle user account for this email address so try using the email address to log in but click the 'Password reminder' link. You will then be emailed a password if the account exists. If this doesn't solve the problem then please email for assistance.

How do I download the digital edition of Police Product Insight?

Go to and click 'Download issue'. If you are not already logged in, you will then be asked to log in to your free online Police Oracle account with your email address and password. Once logged in you will be presented with the download page which will allow you to download the latest issue or previous issues. If you do not have a free online Police Oracle account, you can register by entering your email address in the registration box and pressing register. Once you have gone through the registration steps, you will be able to download Police Product Insight magazine.

How will I know when the next issue of the magazine has been published?

Every registered subscriber is emailed when the new edition is published. This email lets the recipient know that the digital edition is available to download. If you have a subscription to print copies then they will arrive in the post within two weeks depending on which country is being delivered to ( UK editions should arrive within two working days ). The publication dates can also be viewed on the download issue page

How do I upgrade my digital subscription to print?

If you already have a digital only subscription then go to and click 'Edit your subscription' in the Quick Links box on the right hand side. The page will then show your current subscription and your subscription details. To upgrade click the 'Upgrade' button and enter the requested address details and then confirm by pressing upgrade again. You will then be taken to the card payment screen via Paypal.

How do I change my subscription delivery address?

Go to and click 'Edit your subscription' in the Quick Links box on the right hand side. The page will then show your current subscription and address details. Edit the address fields and then click 'Save changes'. Please ensure you type your address details as you would like to see them on your address label ensuring that you supply sufficient address details for delivery.

I haven't received my print magazine copy - what do I do?

Please contact our subscriptions line by emailing