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Showing Stories from 26th July 2022 to 25th November 2022
Training and CPD part of force's 'outstanding' performance says HMIC

Training and CPD part of force's 'outstanding' performance says HMIC

(25/11/22) Chief officers regularly hold meetings with staff and make sensible changes PEEL review finds.

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(24/11/22) Commissioner's comments creating 'unfair narrative' says Fed Chair (21/11/22) Commissioner says too many officers are not 'match fit' for full duties (14/11/22) A quarter of force's leaving probationers go to pursue other careers (09/11/22) Investigators wellbeing toolkit updated to highlight best practice
Some senior officers

Some senior officers "uneasy" about impersonal recruitment process

(02/11/22) Poor previous employment history and intelligence linking candidates to crime is being missed.

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(25/10/22) Maternity support guide encourages standardisation among forces (21/10/22) SMT change policies that have led to child protection role shortage (19/10/22) Single-crewing may increase the risk of PTSD research suggests (17/10/22) The Casey review: PSUs are under-resourced and "a dumping ground"
Rowley asks for power to have final say on

Rowley asks for power to have final say on "100s" who should be sacked

(17/10/22) Officers have no faith in the system when they report misconduct according to Casey Review.

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(23/09/22) A record 13,263 officers were off work last year due to mental health (22/09/22) West Mids Fed warns officers put off public order training (22/09/22) Walks on the beach and team building boost morale in Northumbria (06/09/22) Mental health absences cost Police Scotland £10m in 18 months (06/09/22) Mayor refuses to comment on severance pay for ex-commissioner (30/08/22) Mayor alleges bias in review of Cressida Dick's departure (28/08/22) TVP first force to be recognised as "Menopause Employer Friendly" (10/08/22) West Mercia reveals post-alliance expansion plans (09/08/22) Former NCA boss set to return as Met's new Dep Commissioner (08/08/22) Met's new Commissioner starts briefings - and a search for new top team (03/08/22) Staffordshire signs Armed Forces covenant (03/08/22) Scotland promotes 31 sergeants and adds nearly 300 recruits (02/08/22) Chiefs have agreed to pay Fed fees for Specials, says NPCC (29/07/22) Improve menopause support, forces urged by NPCC (28/07/22) West Mids begins mutual aid op as Commonwealth Games open (27/07/22) Staff unions re-open pay talks after 5% set for officers (27/07/22) More forces re-open IPLDP entry route to attract Uplift recruits (26/07/22) Bedfordshire reveals interim SMT ahead of Forsyth's exit
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