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Advertorial: The Western Australian Police Force is recruiting. Find out more

The WA Police Force is recruiting and we're calling on current UK and Irish police officers to come join our team.

Advertorial: The Western Australian Police Force is recruiting. Find out more

Date - 23rd February 2023
By - WA Police Force
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When you join the WA Police Force, you will quickly discover it’s a job with more. A job where no two days are the same and where you can really make a difference to the community every day.

Senior Constable Dean Winter transferred to the WA Police Force from the UK after serving 12 years as a front-line Police Constable with West Yorkshire Police. Today, he’s currently enjoying his time at Regional Operations Group.

Dean has some invaluable advice for anyone still undecided, “If you’re thinking of making the move, just do it! It’s a fantastic opportunity to help people and really make a difference. The opportunities in the WA Police Force are endless and there’s a great support network from the agency and colleagues. I certainly have no regrets in making the move and joining the WA Police Force team.”

As well as helping to keep the West Australian community safe, there’s a long list of perks and benefits, including:

  • Competitive salary, overtime and shift allowances
  • 13 weeks paid training
  • Six weeks paid annual leave and other leave options
  • Subsidies for some regional locations
  • Career progression and personal development opportunities
  • Opportunities for regional deployment and specialist roles
  • Recognition of prior service

That’s in addition to enjoying an amazing lifestyle where you can work and travel during nine months of sunshine a year! What are you waiting for? Make the move to WA and Let’s Join Forces.

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