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Showing Stories from 3rd November 2022 to 5th April 2023
(20/03/23) Call to extend Harper's Law to Northern Ireland
Red-flagging officers who are exposed to multiple trauma incidents

Red-flagging officers who are exposed to multiple trauma incidents

(10/03/23) The Federation's Wellbeing Lead says that forces should be monitoring the levels of trauma and incidents that officers are exposed to.

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(07/03/23) Threat message "sickening attempt to terrorise staff", says PSNI (07/03/23) Almost 350 Police Scotland officers and staff had time off for long Covid
Policing backlash over

Policing backlash over "lack of respect" in Hancock messages

(03/03/23) Leaked WhatsApp messages sent during the pandemic suggest the then-Health Secretary referred to officers as "plod" who "got their marching orders".

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(23/02/23) PSNI detective critical after 'cold-blooded and barbaric' gun attack (17/02/23) Full Taser roll-out vital as officer assaults reach 'epidemic levels' (10/02/23) Op Hampshire: Upgraded app on track to be ready in April (06/02/23) 'Nothing tangible': Fed concerned by progress of Police Covenant (01/02/23) PFNI Fed Chair: "tasers should be issued as standard" (27/01/23) Officers "need to challenge" the continued use of BMW N57 (25/01/23) Concerns over 'frontline abstractions' hampering Taser training (11/01/23) Comment: policing is on a knife edge

Officers "leaving the service in their droves" warns Fed Chair

(11/01/23) The latest Pay and Morale survey has shown that 18% of respondents intend to resign either within two years or as soon as they can.

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(05/01/23) Three PSNI officers injured in 'dangerous' ramming incident (04/01/23) Thief who attacked officers and grabbed Taser jailed for three years (04/01/23) Officers assaulted at illegal New Year's Eve rave (28/12/22) Suspended sentence for man who threw scalding water at an officer (28/12/22) Forces begin to report on officer assaults over Christmas (28/12/22) West Midlands to run 'alcohol free experiment' for officers (15/12/22) 'Grave concerns' over police being asked to drive ambulances (12/12/22) Federation 'furious' after CPS drop case involving concussed officer (06/12/22) Police Scotland HQ temporarily closed due to traces of Legionella (06/12/22) Drug dealer jailed after ramming police vehicles (21/11/22) Commissioner says too many officers are not 'match fit' for full duties (17/11/22) Op Hampshire stage two: recording death, serious injury and suicides (16/11/22) Assault against officers case thrown out due to lack of barristers (09/11/22) Investigators wellbeing toolkit updated to highlight best practice (03/11/22) Armed criminal who broke DC's finger during chase jailed
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