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Hampshire welcomes "demand on forces" to tackle PPDA

Hampshire Constabulary has welcomed yesterday's report and its recommendations into Police Perpetrated Domestic Abuse (PPDA). • Originally one of the forces mentioned within the Centre for Women's Justice super complaint, Hampshire was cited within yesterday's report through reference to

National strategy needed to end mental health police ambulances

A national mental health strategy is needed to reduce demand on response teams, the Superintendents' leader has warned. • The Police Superintendent’s Association called for best practice on critical areas including control room responses and custody centres to be made standard in England

Don't put the Covenant in the 'too difficult box' Fed tells ministers

The new welfare programme for officers and their families must match up to ministers promises, the Fed has warned. • Just days before the Police Covenant comes into law, ministers have been urged to fill in vital gaps about what it will do to ensure it is “credible”. The Federat

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