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A new process for police officers seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant of inspector came into effect this year called the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF).

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Example Role Actors Instructions - OSPRE Part 2

Constable Forman

Role Actors Instructions

You must familiarise yourself with all aspects of this linked station, including the contents of the information pack which will be brought in by the candidates from the preparatory phase.

You are Charles/Caroline FORMAN, a constable with 6 years service. You have been at East Ferry for all of your service. You are a keen and eager officer.

You have passed your Part 1 and are planning to do part 2 shortly. You have applied for an acting role within East Ferry. You do not know why this meeting has been called.

If asked about the crime reports in your tray say;

'I know about them, I am on top of it'

If told that they were late say;

'I didn't realise that they were out of date'

If asked, the 'Gregory' file relates to a student in possession of ecstasy tablets.

If asked about the assessor role state;

'I am keen to develop myself and want to get promoted'

If asked how say;

'This is another skill which will help me'

If a candidate mentions discipline say;

'Is this going to hold me back'

If the candidate suggests options for improvement say;

'If you think it will help'

If asked about dealing with reports admit that you do tend to leave things to the last minute.

If a candidate makes any suggestions to improve, accept, as long as you are satisfied they have shown you the errors of the way.


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