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A new process for police officers seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant of inspector came into effect this year called the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF).

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Example Candidate Brief - OSPRE Part 2


From: Inspector Barnett

Date: 'Three days ago'

To: 'New' Sgt Team 1 - East Ferry

Subject: Constable C.FORMAN.

Can I draw to your attention a problem that has arisen concerning the performance of Constable C. FORMAN who is attached to team 1.

The officer has in the past been extremely competent in most areas, and is very keen and enthusiastic, they do however tend to let themselves down in the area of Planning and Organising, and have failed to achieve deadlines on files which have received comments from the Crown Prosecution Service.

Forman has recently been successful in Part One of the Promotion Exam. They have also submitted a report through me asking to be considered for an acting sergeant role at East Ferry.

It has come to my attention however that the officer has recently passed the Recruit Assessor Examination, which has been set by Force Headquarters and is now eligible to assess on recruit intake days, which occur every 3 months at Headquarters. There are also monthly training days in order to keep assessors up to date. This means that the officer spends considerable time away from their duties from a team that has already having staffing problems due to sickness and course abstractions.

Recent tray checks have revealed a number of crime complaint forms in Constable Forman’s tray which are overdue and do not appear to have been looked at for some time. A majority appear to be from a series of dwelling burglaries on the Tidbury Hill Estate. There is also a file in the name of Gregory for possession of a class A Drug, which appears incomplete and late.

The matter was allocated to your predecessor T. Davies the Team 1 Sergeant, who was unable to deal with the matter.

I would be grateful if you would deal with this matter and inform me of progress.

D.Barnett Inspector

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