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A new process for police officers seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant of inspector came into effect this year called the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF).

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General Information - OSPRE Part 2

Congratulations on getting through Part 1!

We all know that Part 2 is completely different - a range of 5 minute role-acted work sample exercises. Designed to test a candidate's ability to deal with 'real-life' situations, OSPRE Part 2 preparation needs to be very different to the type of preparation undertaken for Part 1.

Police Oracle staff have been through the police promotion process, both as candidates and also as role actors and assessors. In this section we have put together a selection of information we hope will help you through the process and lead to a successful appearance at your Part 2 exam.

With the exception of any promotion board and force posting process, OSPRE Part 2 is, in most forces, the last examination hurdle to promotion. Recognising the amount of effort that went in to passing Part 1, it is really worth getting all the advice you can prior to attending Part 2. This can obviously come from colleagues that have already been successful, but there is also information available on sites such as this, as well as on some police forums. From a professional point of view, some commercial organisations run preparation courses for OSPRE Part 2. These are generally run by serving or ex police officers who have specialist knowledge of OSPRE. They include exam unit managers, assessors and trainers. These are becoming increasingly popular as the relatively small outlay is easily offset by the salary increase on promotion. A selection of the best of these companies is included in the OSPRE Assistance page.

Good luck!

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