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Working As Part Of A Group - OSPRE Part 1

One of the comments from people who enrol in study courses, either within their Force, or with an outside company is that it is much harder to work on your own and to keep going than it is to know that once a week you have go to meet up with a group of folk who all have studies the same sections and done their revision - so not only have you got to be there, but you have got to have done the study too.

Some candidates for their own study groups, meeting at each other’s homes or nabbing an office in the nick after everyone has gone home. This is good if it is achievable, but can be difficult if there are only a few officers taking the OSPRE exam and several are on shifts.

An option is to seek out a group organised by one of your Force training units, or to enrol in a course run by an outside company. It is not only the discipline of keeping up with the others in the group, and therefore not slipping behind in your study schedule, it is also that the physical act of studying in a group and discussing points that someone hasn’t grasped fully helps with your own learning and recall.

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