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The Written Plan - OSPRE Part 1

Motivational speakers will tell you that you are up to 2000% more likely to achieve something if you set it down in a written plan. This is definitely true for those embarking on the police promotion process. Success at OSPRE Part 1 is dependent on putting the hours in, but putting them in effectively and ensuring plenty of revision time is the key to success.

You can devise your own plan if you wish, or you can get study guides from companies on the OSPRE Assistance page. Either way, you will need to overlay some time schedules onto your study guide to ensure you maximise your study time, and the time available before the exam. We have produced a sample study schedule for you as a starter.

Although it could be argued that time spent planning is not time spent studying, the fact that you have a plan and you can cross off time and, or topics as you study them, will enable to chart your progress, and to see just how much time you have spent studying; this is highly motivational and will keep you working. Then when you really feel that you can’t be bothered, you will see at a glance exactly how much time you have already invested, and would be wasted if you stopped studying.

Studying for OSPRE Part 1 will be a slog, and not particularly enjoyable for most of us, but when you have been promoted it will all have been worthwhile. Make sure you keep on keeping on!!

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