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OSPRE Study Schedule (Sgt - Insp 2013)

Anyone studying for the Sgt - Insp 2013 exam will find this study schedule an invaluable resource and a fantastic aid in helping you to study at a steady pace and allows you to focus on the key areas for each week.

In addition to the study schedule, each week Police Oracle publishes an article guiding you through key aspects of that week's learning; this is also included in the free weekly newsletter (sign up). You may also find further help in the Q&A section, or if you have any questions, you can join our highly experienced members in the Police forum.

Week Date Volume Chapter Chapter Name
1 19th April
NPIA Rules and Syllabus N/A N/A
Evidence and Procedure 1 Sources of Law  and the Courts
Evidence and Procedure 2 Instituting Criminal Proceedings
2 26th April
Roads Policing 1 Classification and Concepts
Roads Policing 2 Offences involving Standards of Driving
Roads Policing 4 Accidents and Collisions
3 3rd May
Crime 1 State of Mind
Crime 2 Criminal Conduct
Crime 3 Incomplete Offences and Police Investigations 
4 10th May
General Police Duty  1 Police
General Police Duty  2 Complaints and Misconduct
General Police Duty  3 Unsatisfactory Performance and Attendance
5 17th May
Crime 4 General Defences
Crime 5 Homicide
Crime 6 Misuse of Drugs
6 24th May
General Police Duty  4 Extending the Police Family
General Police Duty 5 Human Rights
7 31st May
Evidence and Procedure 3 Bail
Evidence and Procedure 4 Court Procedure and Witnesses
Evidence and Procedure 5 Youth Crime and Disorder
8 7th June
Crime 7 Firearms and Gun Crime
Crime 8 Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences
Crime 9 Non Fatal Offences Against the Person
9 14th June
General Police Duty  6 Powers of Arrest, (Including Code G) and other Policing Powers
General Police Duty  7 Stop and Search
General Police Duty  8 Entry, Search, and Seizure
10 21st June
Crime 10 Miscellaneous Offences Against the Person
Crime 11 Sexual Offences
Crime 12 Control of Sex Offenders
11 28th June
General Police Duty  9 Harassment, Hostility and Anti Social Behaviour.
General Police Duty  10 Offences involving Communications
General Police Duty  11 Terrorism and Associated Offences
12 5th July
Evidence and Procedure 6 Exclusion of Admissible Evidence
Evidence and Procedure 7 Disclosure of Evidence Exclusion of Admissible Evidence
Evidence and Procedure 9 Identification  PACE Code D
13 12th July
Roads Policing 5 Drink,  Driving and Drugs
Roads Policing 6 Insurance
Roads Policing 7 Protection of Drivers and Passengers
14 19th July
General Police Duty  12 Public Disorder
General Police Duty  13 Sporting Events
General Police Duty  14 Weapons
15 26th July
Crime 13 Child Protection
Crime 14 Theft and Related Offences
Crime 1 5 Fraud
16 2nd Aug
General Police Duty  15 Civil Disputes
General Police Duty  16 Offences Relating to Land and Premises
General Police Duty  17 Licensing and Offences  Relating to Alcohol
17 9th August
Roads Policing 8 Highways and Safety Measures
Roads Policing 9 Construction and Use
18 16th Aug
Evidence and Procedure 8 Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers   PACE Code C
19 23th Aug
Crime 16 Criminal Damage
Crime 17 Offences Against the Administration of Justice and Public Interest
Crime 18 Offences Arising from Immigration, Asylum and People Exploitation
20 30th Aug
General Police Duty  18 Offences and Powers Relating to Information
General Police Duty  19 Equality.
Evidence and Procedure 10 Interviews PACE Codes C,E, and F
21 6th Sep
Roads Policing Revision  
22 13th Sep
Evidence and Procedure Revision  
23 20th Sep
Crime Revision  
24 27th Sep
General Police Duty  Revision  
25 1st Oct

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