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Reading Blackstone's - OSPRE Part 1

How Much Should I Read Blackstone's and How Much Blackstone's Should I Read?

There are two answers to this question and they don't really help. My friend Henry, is without doubt the most successful Part 1 candidate ever! That is because he is the least successful Part 2 candidate and has to keep re-sitting Part 1. His exam strategy is to just to read and re-read Blackstone's for a minimum of five times, he finds that is quite sufficient.

However just before I retired I was asked to look at why my force had a very poor pass rate in Part 1. It was clear that people who only read Blackstone's were much less successful than those who also tested their knowledge on a question database, used crammer books etc.

That is fine as far as it goes, but you can have as many methods as is possible, but if you don't read the books or use them, you will not pass

Now the second part of the question, 'How much of the books should I read?' I am not from the 'Pick a few topics and hope they come up' school of study. There are some people who advocate that type of revision, which is fine if the bits you chose come up. I would never recommend that to anyone - it is far too risky. Studying for the OSPRE exam is not just an academic exercise; remember, in a real life situation, as a supervisor, you may be confronted with anything - and you must equip yourself to deal with it.

We strongly recommend that you study carefully through each chapter and then reinforce your learning with some questions. If there is a chapter that you find really difficult and it is taking a disproportionate amount of time to master - and perhaps affecting your study schedule as a result, then there is an argument for leaving it and moving on. If you get questions on it you will have to guess, but you should generally not get more than 3 questions from each chapter. There are something like 64 chapters in Blackstone's, some of which are not tested. That is less than 2.5 questions per chapter, so you can afford to leave out one chapter, but not more than one.

There are parts of Blackstone's where the writers use words such as 'Maybe' or 'It is not clear ' and so on. It is a reasonable guess that no questions will be written around those areas.

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