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Note Taking - OSPRE Part 1

Note taking is an art. It is also very individual. As they study, candidates should make notes in the way that fits their character the best. Some like ordered lists, some like mind maps, some use card systems, some like notebooks in chapters. Whichever combination is best for you – do make notes. However brief, the act of note-making aids factual retention, and when it comes to revision time, they can prove invaluable - Blackstone's is not the most interesting read after all!

Note-making should be one of a number of strategies you employ to learn and retain the OSPRE syllabus. Many find highlighting important text within Blackstones and other study books is a good place to start. However there is a lot of important text in Blackstone's, and you can finish up with the whole pages being highlighted. So get a system that you understand and that will make your revision time most effective.

The main thing to remember is that, although you may have learned and understood a topic like 'Notices Of Intended Prosecution' when you studied it in September, you may well need to revise it in February. So a little time putting the salient points into note form may well be a blessing in the revision phase.

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