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Mind Mapping and Flow Charts - OSPRE Part 1

This is the technique where you link topics together in a chain

This is considered a useful technique by a number of people, and is closely linked to flow charts where topics are linked together to make them simpler to read, understand and revise.

You can colour code the work to show you how it is linked up when you come back to it.

OSPRE Part 1 Mind Map

Flow charts can be an excellent way to learn law.

They make law very easy to follow and by trying to picture the chart it often helps bring the law you are trying to recall back to mind. You can highlight important areas as on the example and that too will help to bring them back to mind when sitting in the exam.

OSPRE Part 1 Flow Chart

Very much like note-taking, the use of mind maps, flow charts and other more visual study and retention aids is a very individual thing. At the end of the day, use the techniques that work for you. As long as you are confident as you go through the study programme that you both understand the topics as you study them and that you have techniques to help in later recall and revision, those stripes or pips will be on your arm in no time.

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