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Making the most of your time - OSPRE Part 1

As you go through your working day, there are always opportunities to do a little bit more study. I know the chance to get even a meal break is not very good these days, but why not read a chapter when you can, instead of the newspaper. If you are based inside a police station, try to use that time to answer a few questions, from a study book, or perhaps from our OSPRE Q&A section. There are a number of companies offering this type of revision tool, and the best can be found on the OSPRE Assistance page.

If your role is a patrol one, then instead of sitting by the roadside watching the world go by, read a few pages from Blackstone's. If you are at court, turn the usually frustrating wait to be called into a positive by using it as study time. You'd be surprised how many 'witness rooms' become hives of studying activity during the OSPRE study season! I know it sounds dull but it helps the home situation when you can come home having done some or even, if you are lucky, the bulk of your day's studies.

When I passed my Sergeants exam I wrote out all the relevant definitions in flow chart form and spent my spare moments trying to memorise a different page in my notes and I made full use of that all too precious down-time by taking my notes out on patrol with me. I know people thought I was a bit sad, but when I got my first set of stripes up, I knew it had worked for me! These days there are several small crammer texts that fit into a handbag, briefcase or even can be slipped in a pocket to maximise the use of those work down-time opportunities.

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