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Downtime - OSPRE Part 1

While it is important that you show a high degree of commitment to your studies it is also important that you take some time out to enjoy social times and to recharge your batteries.

The old saying 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' is very true. Too much study and a complete lack of a social life and physical activity can also increase stress significantly which also gets in the way of good learning.

If you have family or are in a relationship there is nothing guaranteed to upset the other half quicker than you spending all your time shut away with Blackstone's for company. So back to basics – make sure your study schedule is realistic and that it builds in downtime. The study period for many candidates lasts over 6 months, so it is best for it to become a sustainable part of your lifestyle – a lifestyle that should also include family and non-study enjoyment. Studying for many hours with no downtime is often less effective than slightly less study by a fresher mind that has been allowed periodically to turn off and relax.

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