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General Information - OSPRE Part 1

The Objective Structured Performance Related Examination (OSPRE) has been used by police forces in England and Wales since 1991. Broadly it consists of OSPRE Part 1, a 3-hour multiple-choice exam with a maximum of 150 questions, and OSPRE Part 2, a scenario-based and role-playing exam which tests the candidates' management and supervisory ability and potential.

There is no doubt that a considered and structured approach to each part of the promotion process gives individuals the best chance of success. At Police Oracle, we have personal knowledge of the traumas of police promotion study, and understand the value of sound advice from those that have been through the OSPRE processes both as candidates and as those involved in the examination process itself.

We have put together a series of pages giving help to those going through both parts of the police promotion process. There is also an OSPRE Assistance section where some of the best commercial companies offering OSPRE support are shown. The vast majority of these organisations are run by ex police officers, most of whom were professionally involved in OSPRE – from writing the syllabus to marking and running examination units. They are well worth a look.

From all of us at Police Oracle – good luck!

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