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How To Become A Police Officer - PIRT

Passing the Police Initial Recruitment Test ('PIRT') is essential to being offered a position as a Police Officer.

Although not difficult, it always helps to have knowledge about the types of tests to be sat prior to attending the selection day.

The main areas tested in the PIRT are:

  • The ability to spell words and construct sentences correctly.
  • The ability to check information quickly and correctly.
  • The ability to solve numerical problems accurately.
  • The ability to reason logically when given facts about events.

The actual assessment centre is held in various types of buildings and locations. Some will be held on police premises, others in hotels or schools. The police force running the assessment centre that you attend will provide you with all the information you need for the day.

With only about 8% of applicants sitting the PIRT being successful, it can make an enormous difference if you undertake some proper preparation - after all, a little work prior to attending can place you head and shoulders above the other people on the day.

To visit the Police Forum and chat to others going through the process, click here.

If you are serious about passing the PIRT and joining the police, a product that is highly recommended is the How To Become A UK Police Officer guide which includes insider tips, advice on how to pass the PIRT, a 'How To Get Police Fit' guide and a 'Police Fitness Test' audio section. Click HERE to view the guide contents.

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