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Become a PCSO

The Role

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) provide a visible presence in the community, helping the police to tackle anti-social behaviour and offering reassurance to the public. Become a PCSO and you will act as the eyes and ears on the streets. The job is a fully paid role and work hours in many cases can be flexible. You will be in uniform and under the direction of a police Commander responding to crime and disorder issues. Here are just some of the issues you may deal with in your work:

  • Support for the police in increasing public safety
  • Contributing to the regeneration of local communities
  • Dealing with truants, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, litter, missing persons enquiries
  • Helping to support victims
  • Assisting with house to house enquiries
  • Involvement in patrolling major public events and ceremonials
  • Helping to control crowds
  • Protecting the public from security threats

Additional Responsibility

Depending on your role, you may also be given police powers, including:

  • He power to detain someone pending the arrival of a constable
  • The power to direct traffic and remove vehicles
  • The power to issue fixed penalty notices in relation to a range of anti-social behaviours

PCSOs are becoming an increasingly important part of the police 'family' and their role is an interesting and evolving one.

The post of PCSO is sometimes used as a stepping-stone into other police staff careers, or can lead to tutoring new PCSOs. It is a good starting point for those wishing to become police officers.

How to Apply

To find the nearest Force to you that is recruiting PCSOs, select a county from the drop-down box where you would like to work. The system will then show vacancies in increasing distance from that county.

Before You Apply

As in any job application process, it is important to give yourself every chance of success, so that you get it right first time. Before you apply you might like to consider these things;

  1. Purchasing one of the packages prepared by those in the know that will help you with the application process. For assistance in the actual selection process, the recommended provider of high quality courses is 'In2Police'.
  2. Joining the nationwide discussion in the PCSOs forum
  3. Register for free police newsletters so that you keep up to date with police news and are knowledgeable for any interview process (click here to register)
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